In a move that is expected to ease the division and transfer of ownership of residential plots, the Delhi Government is all set to recommend sub-division of all such plots in Delhi.

Announcing the decision, Delhi Urban Development and Finance Minister A. K. Walia said the move would also facilitate hassle-free approval of construction plan and ensure planned development even in unauthorised regularised colonies, rural and urban villages. He said it would provide a boost to construction activity in the city, overcome problem of corruption, and increase the revenue of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and the Delhi Development Authority.

The Minister said it was decided to allow sub-division of plots in special areas, planned development schemes of DDA and Land and Development Office, unauthorised regularised colonies and rural and urban villages. This would provide an opportunity to the allottees and residents to effect justified and formal division of property to their heirs and also help in bringing down legal cases related to division of property.

However, Dr. Walia said even after sub-division the total floor area ratio should remain equal to the FAR entitled for the entire plot.

The Minister expressed confidence that the decision will go a long way in meeting aspirations of those who wish to sub-divide their plots or properties to ensure equitable distribution in their life-time.

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