Union Urban Development Minister S. Jaipal Reddy wants criticism over the upcoming Commonwealth Games to die down. The Minister said it was time to put a lid on the criticism and proceed towards celebrating the event.

Speaking at the inauguration of an art gallery at the INA metro station on Wednesday, Mr. Reddy said: “It is time we stop nitpicking about the preparations of the Games and move towards celebrating the delivery of the Games, which are round the corner.”

“This is one occasion when people need to get exposed to the positive aspects of the Games. An appeal to the critics, the people and the media is to look at the positive aspects of these Games.”

Referring to the criticism that the Games' preparations have evoked, Mr. Reddy said: “All criticism is welcome if it is for correction.”

He said the people and the media as a collective should refrain from lampooning and pillorying the Games at this juncture and focus on the celebrations.

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