Advisory sent by Northern Regional Load Dispatch Centre

The Northern Regional Load Dispatch Centre (NRLDC) wants all constituent States, including Delhi, to be prepared for fog that leads to tripping of power lines and guard against grid collapse. In an advisory sent to all States, the NRLDC has asked for strict adherence to the grid code and a ban on over-drawing of power that threatens the safety of the grid.

To ensure there is no rampant over-drawal of power and the frequency is maintained, the NRLDC has asked all states to ensure under frequency relays are installed and load shedding through these relays is adequate. All State load dispatch centres have been asked to maintain strict vigil on deviations.

“Delhi adheres to the grid code, it does not overdraw and does not allow the frequency to dip below the critical levels, but several other States don’t follow the same practice, which results in grid being endangered. Past winter there were several instances of power cuts in Delhi on account of over drawal and power lines tripping, because of negligence,” said an official of the Delhi’s Government.

The NRLDC has asked States to ensure that insulators are cleaned up before fog descends and all planned shutdowns of transmissions lines are deferred and not carried out from December to February. To minimise problems during an unexpected breakdown, all States need to have a contingency plan, which includes alternate path for incoming and outgoing feeders in sub-stations. All generating stations have been told to monitor the power flow in transmission lines and directions have also been issued to keep tabs on voltage control related issues with special attention paid to maintaining voltage flow during the night hours when power consumptions dips.

Weather monitoring to help assess the power demand has been stressed on as well. States have been asked to use weather data for fog monitoring to avoid problems of insulators tripping on account of deposits and for making adequate power arrangements.

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