West Delhi MP Mahabal Mishra has written to Delhi Lieutenant-Governor Tejendra Khanna seeking his intervention in the matter of allotment of thousands of cooperative group housing society flats to their owners in Dwarka.

In the letter, Mr. Mishra has written that these residents have been denied the right to live in their own residential apartments despite clear directions by the courts.

“Way back in July 2007, the Delhi High Court had given a clean chit to a majority of the cooperative group housing societies in the now infamous group housing scam being probed by CBI. The clean chit was given after submission of a proper investigation report by the CBI to the court which after satisfying itself with the contents of the probe gave the go-ahead to the Registrar of Societies, Delhi Government, to hold the draw of lots so that people could get possession of their houses at the earliest,’’ he said.

However, the MP lamented that “unfortunately, even more than two and a half years of the court order, the Registrar Cooperative Housing Society had failed to move on this front and take necessary action to hold the draw of lots for these thousands of affected families’’.

‘Human Tragedy’

Mr. Mishra said it was also a human tragedy of sorts as most of the owners had taken loans for these properties and were paying their monthly instalments for these flats that still elude them. Also at the same time they were paying rentals for the houses they were presently staying in.

He therefore urged Mr. Khanna to convene a high-level meeting of the officials concerned for resolving the issue at the earliest.

Meanwhile, a member of Baroda House CGHS A.K. Bakshi said various members were now tired of the legal hurdles and procedural delays that are coming in the way of allotment of the flats to the bona fide applicants. He claimed that there are High Court orders supporting the need to allot flats to at least the members of those societies on which there are no objections. “But while we had got a favourable order for 57 such societies in 2007, till now no action has been initiated on it,’’ he complained.

Incidentally, earlier this month on two different occasions hundreds of members of the CGHS societies had conducted self draws of these flats in Dwarka. However, the office of the RCS had declared that such draws that were taking place without any submission of forms, making of any application and without adherence to the due procedure were void ab initio. It had also lodged a complaint with the Deputy Commissioner of South West Delhi police against this illegal move.

The RCS has also written to the Delhi Development Authority to evict those illegally occupying any of these flats.

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