Welcoming the fast track court’s verdict announced on Tuesday on the December 16 gang-rape case, ActionAid India has urged that this speedy dispensation needs to become a benchmark for thousands of other pending cases.

“Factor in multiple vulnerabilities”

Citing concern for the low rate of conviction and disposal of cases, ActionAid India’s Programme and Policy Director Sehjo Singh said: “Equal importance should be given to each and every case that is registered, especially of those from marginalised communities. It is important to understand and factor in the multiple vulnerabilities of survivors such as Dalits, minorities, persons with disabilities, Adivasis and children.”

Noting that ActionAid India was concerned about the dismissiveattitude and lack of sensitivity that continues to persist among the police personnel, Ms. Singh said: “The rate of disposal by the police and courts for the large number of rape cases registered every year is extremely low.”

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