The Stamp Duty collection in Delhi witnessed a quantum jump of 262 per cent in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period last year, Delhi Revenue Minister Rajkumar Chauhan has said.

The Minister said from April to June this year, the stamp duty generated by the Revenue Department was Rs.532.49 crore. This, he said, was 262 per cent more than the collection of Rs.202.94 crore in the first quarter of 2009-10.

Giving out the month to month details, Mr. Chauhan said while in April 2009, Rs.67.88 crore was collected as stamp duty the amount went up to Rs.145.33 crore in April this year showing a rise of 214 per cent. And while in May 2009 the collection was Rs.69.93 crore, the amount went up to Rs.153.18 crore in May 2010 showing an increase of 219 per cent.

But it was in June this year that the stamp duty collection rose the highest following the announcement by the Government to hike the rates. Though the increased rates are yet to be notified there has been a spurt in registration of properties which has led to higher collections in June.

Mr. Chauhan said while in June 2009, the collection was Rs.65.13 crore, it went up sharply to Rs.233.77 in June 2010 registering an increase of 359 per cent.

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