Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Thursday released an audio-visual training tool to sensitise young people about violence against women titled “Seema aur Salim ki Diary”. The audio-visual CD has been prepared by the Centre for Equity and Inclusion (CEQUIN) in the backdrop of growing violence against women.

Speaking about the new training tool, the Chief Minister said “with inculcation of these values into the minds of the young boys and girls at the school age itself, it is expected that the incidents of violence against women will substantially come down and gender equality will come more and more close to reality”.

CEQUIN founder Sara Pilot said the group was in talks with the Education Department to reach out to the government schools initially. Stating that the 36-minute movie will be screened in various schools, she said the format was stand-alone but can be used interactively.

The film provides a basic comprehension of the conventional gender roles of ‘masculinity' and ‘feminity' and breaks the stereotypical notions one has about the same. It also seeks to develop an understanding of the growth of gender-based violence. The CD is primarily targeted at children of Class IX and X though it can be used for broader age group as well.

Ms. Pilot said gender violence in various forms is the biggest challenge towards empowerment of the women and girls. “Social and cultural constraints on women and girls often create barriers that have a direct impact on their ability to face such challenges. Women and girls from poor households are most vulnerable and severely impacted. Migration and urban poverty further compound the issue. But change cannot happen without a change in the mindset of the society at large,” she said.

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