When 63-year-old Pawan Kumar Bansal, a Badarpur resident, received several calls in response to a newspaper advertisement he had got published, little did he know that a trap was being laid to rob him.

On June 19, the senior citizen was robbed of his car, cash and other valuables when he was on his way to meet the “prospective bride” for his son.

According to the police, the victim had been looking for a suitable match for his son Ankit and was facing difficulties in doing so as Ankit is a Manglik.

“He first published the advertisement in May 2012 and several times after that, the most recent being the one he got published in March this year,” said a police officer.

In his complaint Mr. Bansal told the police, that in response to the advertisement, he received a call from a person who introduced himself as Vikas, a resident of Laxmi Nagar in East Delhi.

Vikas told the victim him that he saw Ankit as a match for his sister and invited Mr. Bansal to his house to meet his family members on June 19.

Pick-up request

Having accepted the invitation, Mr. Bansal left home in his car on the scheduled date. The police said he was travelling alone and while he was on his way to visit Vikas’ house, the latter called him on his mobile phone and asked him to take the Gandhi Nagar Pushta Road from where he, too, would accompany Mr. Bansal.

When Mr. Bansal’s car reached Geeta Colony, he met Vikas who was accompanied by another man. Both got in the car and after a while they asked Mr. Bansal to stop the car to buy soft drinks. Vikas got down from the car and returned with a bottle of soft drink which was served to Mr. Bansal.

The complaint added that soon after consuming the drink, Mr. Bansal felt dizzy and lost consciousness. When he came back to his senses, he found himself in his house where he was told by family members that he was spotted by a passerby who informed them, having got his son’s phone number from a card in his pocket.

The card, however, was the only thing that the two men had left behind as after making Mr. Bansal consume sedatives laced soft drink, the two men decamped with the car and mobile phone.

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