If residents of some parts of Shadipur and other areas in the West and Central Delhi have been getting some extra water over the last couple of years, they probably have the DMS to thank for it. To come out of the red and turnaround from a loss of nearly Rs.28.26 crore in 2011-12 to a small-but-significant profit of Rs.1.20 crore last fiscal, DMS put in place some very environment-friendly practices – including those which have resulted in saving of nearly half-a-million litres of water per day.

The losses were also reduced by some astute financial and cost management and also through reduction in physical wastage of resources.

In fact, Deputy Director (Costs) A.P.S. Sawhney insists that DMS has in the last few years resorted to heavy reuse of water which is resulting in saving of nearly 500 kilolitres of water per day. “And much of it, we believe, is now being used by the residents of nearby residential colonies.”

Due to its reuse of water and taking to rain water harvesting, DMS has also got a rebate of 15 per cent in its bill amount from Delhi Jal Board. “Our water bill has gone down by around Rs.3 crore per annum,” he said.

DMS also installed a condensate recovery system which has resulted in saving of 150 litres of diesel per day. Then it put up a 15 kilolitre solar water heating system on its rooftops which helps save another 150 litres diesel per day. “Both these systems recovered their costs in just about four months,” said General Manager B. S. Beniwal.

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