Right to Information (RTI) activist S. C. Agrawal was recently involved in a case of stolen identity. He received a response from Air India and Central Vigilance Commission for RTI petitions he says he never filed.

On May 10, he received a letter from Air India in response to an RTI petition regarding Air India's then General Manager (Vigilance).

Upon checking his records, Mr. Agrawal said he had filed no such petition. He requested a copy of the original application and found “everything forged. The drafting, format, style was completely different [from his]”.

He received a response to a similar application seeking information about the same official from the Commission. Since a copy of the filed application could not be procured, he filed an RTI petition on May 19 to obtain one.

He has asked Air India to “file a criminal case” so that further misuse of his name can be avoided. Meanwhile, there has been no response to the RTI petition filed by Mr. Agrawal from the Commission, which can help compare the two forgeries.

Both petitions bearing his name were dated April 26.

Mr. Agrawal is a noted RTI activist and has worked on several issues including the campaign to get judges to make their assets public.

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