A Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) has awarded Rs.92 lakh as compensation to family members of nine persons killed in a road accident in August last. The MACT directed the National Insurance Co. Ltd, with which the rashly driven truck that rammed an SUV in which the victims were travelling was insured, to pay Rs.92,29,782 to the family members of nine persons who died and to three others who were injured in the accident.

“The claimants have demonstrated and explained the details of accident and also examined one eye-witness to the incident in support of their claim. They also produced a certified copy of the FIR along with other relevant documents. On the other hand, no evidence whatsoever has been adduced by either of the respondents (driver, owner of truck and insurance firm) to rebut the evidence adduced by respective petitioners (victims). From un-rebutted oral and documentary evidence, it is prima facie established from record that the victims sustained injuries (grievous and fatal) on account of negligent driving of respondent no.1 (truck driver),” MACT presiding officer Vineeta Goyal said.

According to families of the victims, the accident took place in Gurgaon on August 20 last year when the truck jumped the road-divider after the driver lost control and hit the oncoming SUV which was returning to Delhi from Rajasthan.

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