Five days after she was admitted to Safdarjung Hospital following an attack by a besotted classmate, 22-year-old JNU student Roshani Jha continues to battle for life.

While her vital parameters were reported to be stable on Monday evening, doctors, sources said, are not able to give a time frame in which she would start speaking. It is also learnt that there is a fear among the doctors that she could slip into coma.

The victim, who has undergone two surgeries so far, has reportedly moved her eyes and limbs but has not spoken since the attack. “The doctors initially feared a paralytic attack but that can be ruled out at this point of time,” said a source.

According to the police, Roshani’s version is vital in unearthing several layers of the case as Akash, the alleged attacker and the only possible person privy to the nature of relationship between the two, is dead.

Investigations so far have not provided any leads as to how Akash procured the weapons–an axe, a knife and a firearm–that he was carrying at the time of the attack. Enquiries from other students, including the roommate of the accused, have also not yielded much information in this regard. The police have also gone through the call records of both Roshani and Akash.

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