Thanks to the constant efforts of the Delhi Traffic Police to bring down incidents of road accidents in the Capital, the number of fatalities this past year was the lowest in the past six years.

As per latest Delhi Police statistics, a total of 2,066 people lost their lives in 2,007 accidents in 2011 compared to 2,153 deaths in 2,104 accidents the previous year. In 2009, 2,234 lives were lost in 2,182 accidents.

The number of fatal accidents and people killed in 2011 are the lowest since 2005.

The total number of accidents marginally increased to 7,281 this past year compared to 7,260 the previous year. The number of fatal accidents per lakh of vehicle population declined to 28.4 in 2011 compared to 30.06 in 2010.

The decrease in the accidents and the fatalities has been contributed to systematic analysis of various aspects of accidents, special night checking-cum-patrolling, action against drunken driving and commercial vehicles and identification of engineering faults and getting them rectified by civic agencies.

A major crackdown on drunken driving and misuse of red beacons were the other highlights of the past year. A total of 18,073 people were prosecuted for drunken driving in 2011 compared to 11,388 the previous year. Of these, the driving licences of more than 2,000 people were suspended and 2,960 were sentenced to imprisonment by the court. Similarly, 352 people were prosecuted for misuse of red beacon this past year compared to just seven the previous year.

Besides, 92,772 people were prosecuted on 16 corridors identified by the traffic police to check traffic violations and enforce lane discipline.