Now the highest offices at Delhi University can be occupied by people up to the age of 70, with the Executive Council (EC) meeting over the weekend deciding to up the age of retirement of the Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Colleges and the South Campus Director among others.

“The process of promotion will take place according to the old 1998 scheme for all teachers qualifying for promotion on August 13. This is a very important and useful decision,” said Executive Council member Aditya Misra, adding that he along with some others had opposed the university’s decision to have their departments submit to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council and the upping of retirement age.

There were also cries of foul play.

“The Dean of Colleges is going to retire in December. This retirement issue was placed on the table as an additional agenda. There was no urgency and this should have first been placed before the Academic Counsel [AC] for consideration. Also, a select few people in a university cannot be given special entitlement. This is a clear case of favouritism and a statutory body has been hijacked to pass a provision that benefits the current team,” said EC member Abha Dev Habib.

The university’s AC decided to change the evaluation process of the foundation courses, which had rested with the university until now. There will only be a 20-mark paper at the end of each semester, while the remaining credits will be given as per internal evaluation by the university.


Now Delhi teachers to retire at 65 September 3, 2013

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