The Delhi Urban Arts Commission (DUAC) has given its go ahead for redevelopment of a part of the existing residential accommodation for government employees in East Kidwai Nagar. It has allowed redevelopment work in the area comprising the influence zone, [the areas that are within 300 metre of protected monuments] with ground plus six storeys, but it has sent back the proposal for incorporating its earlier suggestions for the rest of the area.

The redevelopment proposal has been hanging fire, with the DUAC insisting on incorporation of certain design forms to maintain the greenery in the area and also to ensure that the new buildings are in conformity with the design of the rest of the Lutyens’ Zone.

The Commission had earlier disapproved of the design and orientation of the flats, pointing out that the houses faced each other restricting the view instead of opening into green spaces.

In a recent meeting with the agencies concerned, the Commission allowed the development of area that comprises type-VII, type-VI and some type-V apartments, but has asked the architects to submit a revised plan incorporating its observations made earlier.

“The Commission scrutinised the proposal and noted that in response to the earlier observations of the Commission, the only change in the revised submission was that the part blocks have been removed and the space made open to sky at three locations in the layout plan in the front row of blocks type-II towards Aurobindo Marg and Ring Road. While in the rest of the area, which includes 14 storey-buildings, there was hardly any change,” said an official.

The Commission has asked the agencies to increase the distance between the row of blocks type-III and IV so as to get better natural light, ventilation, privacy and view.It has also asked for the design and location of the kitchens to be revised so as to improve the light and ventilation.

“The kitchen window should enable a view of the open space and a service balcony should be provided with some screening to conceal laundry, etc., from public view,” the Commission has insisted.

Concerned by the shrinking green space in the area, the Commission has also called for retaining at least 50 percent of the existing trees.

To ensure the aesthetics and the façade of the building are not marred by alterations to accommodate cooling appliances and water tanks, the DUAC has also insisted on all services, “water tanks, lift machine room, mumty, etc., at the terrace level to be integrated into a design form that should be concealed.”

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