Princess Mathilde of Belgium on Tuesday called upon developing countries to adopt low-cost toilet technology promoted by non-government organisation Sulabh International to achieve “Millennium Development Goals” of the United Nations in the field of sanitation.

Interacting with a section of school children and women at the Sulabh headquarters here, Princess Mathilde, who is on a State visit, recognised the immense contribution made by Sulabh International. “Sulabh has restored human dignity and provided a new future to thousands of untouchables through its total sanitation campaign. It provides an inclusive approach with a focus on the improvement of human rights, the empowerment of women, the environment, heath care and education for those who are forced to live on the margins of the society,” she added.

Princess Mathilde appreciated the fact that thousands of “pay and use” public toilet-cum-bath complexes and over a million pour-flush latrines in private houses have been built and they are used by more than ten million people every day. “Sulabh's never ceasing efforts have liberated and socially and economically promoted a group of marginalised people in particular women and girls. It has achieved extraordinary results in the field of sanitation and over the years its activities have stretched out across the world.” While informing the visiting Princess about the story of the rehabilitated women from Alwar and Tonk of Rajasthan, Sulabh founder Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak said, “We work to first emancipate them from the unclean work, using technology, social upgradation and through many other social programmes and then educate their children, if only to ensure that they do not suffer the disadvantage and indignity that their parents did.”

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