President Pranab Mukherjee wants to depart from the existing protocol of being addressed as ‘His Excellency’ and also wants minimal disruption in the city caused by the movement of his convoy. The President wants most functions to be held within the precincts of the Rashtrapati Bhavan so that there is no disruption of traffic and less burden on the police.

Mr. Mukherjee has asked for dropping the honorific ‘Excellency’ as a prefix to his name for officials functions within the country and during interaction with dignitaries. On Tuesday, Mr. Mukherjee approved of the revised protocol practices that will now be followed vis-à-vis the President.

“Use of the words ‘His Excellency’ will be discontinued while organising functions within the country and during interaction between Indian dignitaries and the President,” read a statement issued by the President’s Office.

The President has specified that in Hindi the word ‘Mahamahim’ used as prefix to his name will be replaced with ‘Rashtrapati Mahoday’. Also, the word “Hon’ble” will be used before the title of ‘President’ or ‘Governor’. And the traditional Indian greeting of ‘Shri’ or ‘Smt.’ will precede the name.

As per the revised protocol, ‘Excellency’ will be used only for interaction of Indian leaders with foreign dignitaries and foreign dignitaries with Indian leaders as is the customary international practice.

The word ‘Mahamahim’ will be replaced with ‘Rashtrapati ji’ in official notings in the President’s Secretariat, his office said.

To ensure everyday life is not disrupted during his travel within the city, the President has asked for limiting his visits. “Taking into account inconvenience caused to public during his movement within the city and in order to reduce the burden on police and other agencies, the President has instructed that, to the best extent possible, all functions be organised within Rashtrapati Bhavan premises itself,” the statement issued here read.

These decisions have been conveyed to the Ministry of Home Affairs for further action.

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