Citing huge revenue gaps, power distribution companies NDPL, BRPL and BYPL have sought huge increases in power tariffs, with one of them seeking an increase of 70 per cent in tariffs to be implemented after April 2010.

In the tariff petitions filed with the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission recently, the discoms have shown a combined revenue gap of about Rs.5,541 crore for 2008-09 and 2009-10 and as revenue projection for 2010-11.The tariff revision will be decided by DERC based on the petitions filed by the discoms, after their scrutiny and following public hearings with stakeholders.

According to officials, the gaps projected by the companies are 69.6 per cent for BRPL, 60.04 per cent for BYPL and 52.49 per cent for NDPL.“BRPL, BYPL, NDPL and NDMC have submitted their annual tariff petitions, including a detailed record of their revenue and spending for the years 2008-09 and 2009-10 and the projected expenses for 2010-11. These figures will form the basis for the tariff fixation,” said a Power Department official.

“The petitions have been accepted, but there were a few queries for which more details have been sought. The next step is that DERC will issue a public notice and invite the stakeholders for a meeting,” he added.

BRPL in its petition said that to cover the entire gap of Rs.2795.34 crore the tariff (fixed and energy charges) will need to be increased by 69.6 per cent across all consumer categories. It has also proposed implementation of Automatic Power Purchase Price Adjustment mechanism. It has also sought introduction of time differential tariffs for consumers with load greater than 10 kW for demand side management.

Similarly, BYPL has sought an increase of 60.04 per cent across all consumer categories by citing an entire gap of Rs.1,308.86 crore.

NDPL for its part has shown a revenue gap of Rs.1,436.18 crore, to tide over which it needs an increase of 52.49 per cent across all consumer categories. Its proposals for tariff rationalisation include reduction in slabs for the domestic consumer category. NDPL has proposed that only two slabs be retained for energy charges, enhancement of load of consumers based on consumption, uniform fixed charges till the load of 5 kW and prepaid metering.

Referring to the gaps shown by the discoms, an official said all figures submitted by the discoms would be verified to ascertain their validity. NDMC has calculated a revenue surplus of Rs.213.78 crore for 2008-09 and Rs.1.09 crore for 2010-11 and, considering the revised ARR for 2010-11 and estimation of revenue from sale of power to consumers along with the revenue from sale of surplus power, the civic body submitted that there may be no need to revise the tariff from the current level. It has proposed continuing with the same retail tariff in 2010-11 as approved by the Commission in the tariff order for 2009-10.

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