No clarity about immediate provocation that led to the incident, say Police

The post-mortem of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer Ananya Chakravarty and his three family members who were found dead at their Sadiq Nagar residence will be conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences on Monday.

The timings of the deaths established by the autopsy will determine the order of deaths in the case which is suspected to be one of suicide after murders. However till late Sunday evening, there was no clarity about the immediate provocation that led to the incident. The police had earlier said that the relations between Mr. Chakravarty and his wife Jaishri were strained. The statements of their relatives were recorded on Sunday, said an officer. “We are doing this to ascertain the extent to which the equation between the couple had soured,” said a police officer.

Sources said that the introvert nature of Mr. Chakravarty and the lively nature of his wife Jaishri was one of the reasons behind their differences. It is learnt that Jaishri was always keen to meet new people, something her husband did not like and was also crossed with the children, Arnab and Disha, who backed their mother’s efforts. The police, who had recovered a blood-stained hammer and a coconut chopper from the house, said that there were no signs of forced entry to the house.


RAW officer, family found dead in DelhiMarch 2, 2014

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