It has been almost three months since the fake certificate scam during admissions rattled the authorities at Delhi University, but the issue seems to be gathering steam with more instances of students trying to seek admissions to the university through unscrupulous means coming to light.

The latest instance is that of Ramjas College where 21 students were found to have submitted fake mark-sheets earlier this month. The college authorities reacted swiftly by setting up an internal enquiry committee and cancelling the admissions. It also went into damage control mode, re-scrutinising the mark-sheets of second year students and verifying the originality of OBC caste certificates.

However, legal action is yet to be taken.

“The police are refusing to register an FIR. We have already expelled these students and we want to follow the due process of law,” said Ramjas College Vice-Principal Dr. P.N Dutta Gupta, adding that the police were asking for the findings of the internal committee as proof. “We cannot provide them that,” he said.


Deputy Commissioner of Police (North Delhi) I. B Rani said: “The alleged fake mark-sheets along with documentation supporting the charges that the college has levelled against these students are a pre-requisite for us to register an FIR.”

The police are ready to consider the complaint but they need documentation for the serious charges of fraud that the college was making, she added.

A majority of the 21 students whose admissions were cancelled belonged to the B.Com stream and academicians are of the view that unrealistic cut-offs for admissions, especially B.Com, had compelled these students to commit forgery. However, they also feel that stricter action is needed to prevent such acts in future.

“Legal action must be taken and these students must be made an example of, the university must not be seen as lenient and accepting of such criminal activities,” said a university official, not wanting to be named.