A 30-year-old man, wanted in connection with his suspected complicity in heinous crimes, along with his wife, daughter and an accomplice allegedly attacked a police team that had gone to Nandnagri in Delhi looking for him on Sunday. While two policemen were injured in the scuffle, they managed to overpower the three accused.

The incident took place around 9 a.m. when Sub-Inspector Nitin Kumar along with Constables Jasbir and Raju Saini went to the house of Jile Singh, who is suspected to be involved in cases of robbery, murder and attempted murder, on a tip-off that he would come to meet his wife Sunita (26).

Upon spotting the policemen, Jile Singh and his accomplice Amit attempted to flee on a scooter. Jile Singh’s wife and their daughter also came out of their residence and allegedly threw chilli powder in the eyes of the policemen to distract them. However, Nitin managed to get hold of Amit. It is alleged that Sunita handed over a country-made firearm to her husband who then fired at the Sub-Inspector. The policeman ducked in time and escaped unhurt. The four accused then attacked the policemen and also pelted stones at them.

During the ensuing scuffle, Sunita and her daughter allegedly bit two policemen, but they managed to overpower Jile Singh and despite having sustained injuries did not loosen their grip on him. Immediately after the matter was reported to the area Station House Officer, he rushed to the spot with some reinforcements. Jile Singh and Sunita were arrested and their minor daughter apprehended. The police suspect that Jile Singh and his accomplices had committed a robbery three days ago.

It is alleged that Sunita was previously involved in some cases of liquor smuggling. She married Jile Singh after the death of her first husband.

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