The government is planning to bring in radical changes to the Delhi Police Act and some of them include giving fixed tenures to certain officers including the Police Commissioner besides making stalking and hoax calls punishable.

As per the 37-page draft Delhi Police (Amendment) Bill, 2010, Commissioner of Police will have an assured tenure of two years besides a minimum one year term for a Station House Officer besides other ranks, though with riders.

Amendments to the Delhi Police Act 1978, also proposes to make stalking and hoax calls punishable offences. Even crank calls have been brought under the ambit of the Act.

Moreover, the Bill also proposes a ten-fold increase on the fine to be collected from a person whose cow, buffalo and other such cattle are caught straying on the roads in the national capital.

In an attempt to make the police more people friendly, the amended legislation has introduced a new section called ’Social Responsibilities of the Police’ which makes it mandatory for policemen to not only extend “due courtesy” while dealing with people but also maintain a “people friendly ambience at police stations“.

It also makes it mandatory for people to get their servants verified, as failing to do so come with a fine of Rs. 5,000 upon conviction.

The Bill also calls for setting up of “Police Establishment Board” within three months of the commencement of the Delhi Police (Amendment) Act, 2010.

The Board, consisting of Commissioner of Police and three Special Commissioners of Police, shall deal with the transfers, postings and other service matters pertaining to officers of the ranks of Assistant Commissioner of Police and Inspector of Police within the Delhi Police.

The Bill says officers posted as Joint Commissioner of Police (Ranges), Deputy Commissioner of Police (District) and SHOs shall have a minimum tenure of one year.

The officer in these posts may be transferred prematurely by the competent authority for reasons of incompetence, unsuitability for the job, disciplinary action or court cases among others for which the reasons are to be recorded in writing, the proposals said.

A panel called the “Police Establishment Sub-committee” will deal with transfers, postings and other service matters of the officers of the ranks of Sub-Inspector to Constable within their respective districts or units of the Delhi Police.

However, Commissioner of Police will have overriding authority to transfer any officer from the rank of Constable to ACP to any post of compatible rank within the Delhi Police if so necessary in interest of discipline, public interest, morale and proper functioning of the force.

Police Commissioner may also appoint in every police district, one or more Legal Officers to advice the police on legal issues including the adequacy or otherwise of the available evidence, as deemed necessary in various cases, to be investigated by them.

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