Debutant photographer Sreedeep’s works that capture the juxtaposition of commonplace realities and projected lifestyles in a consumerism steeped urban society are on display at an ongoing exhibition at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Sreedeep, who studied sociology at the under-graduate level and post-graduate level, believes that his academic training influenced his works. The 26-year-old research scholar at JNU is doing his thesis on social aspects that influence brand consumption.

Speaking about the exhibition, which consists of over 40 pictures taken over a period of two-and-a-half-years, Sreedeep says: “The pictures which were taken mostly in parts of South and Central Delhi demonstrate how backgrounds and locations have evolved in addition to people.”

Sreedeep recalls a time when Delhi still had places untouched by consumerism. “Now even the handles that people hold on to for support in the metro and buses are instruments of consumerism.”

While some of the pictures focus on startling contrasts that can be seen in daily urban life, in other pictures there is a convergence of images and the presence of more nuanced contrasts.

Branding divinity

Bringing attention to a picture taken in Khan Market which frames images of traditional Gods along with urban elite brands such as Roberto Cavalli and Dior, Sreedeep says: “The picture highlights that global and local brands can coexist and compete within the same space.”

Sreedeep’s tryst with photography began when he was in college. “Photography is now a very serious hobby for me,” says Sreedeep, who feels that that if he pursues post-doctoral studies, he will focus on the visual rather than textual aspects of his area of study.

Sreedeep confesses that he prefers abstract pictures over candid photography. “I am fascinated by lines and shadows and will concentrate on capturing them in pictures for my next exhibition,” he says.

The exhibition is on view up to November 17 at Gallery of Arts and Aesthetics in Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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