Though various teams of the Delhi police and intelligence agencies have been trying to trace the three missing Pakistan nationals, they suspect that the fugitives might have escaped to their country.

The police are trying to find out if some local resident was in contact with any of the three, Rafaquat Ali, Abdul Razzaq and Mohammed Sadiq. Investigations so far have revealed that Razzaq had tried to escape from Tihar Jail in 2003 by impersonating as another inmate with the same name lodged in the jail in a case registered at the Jama Masjid police station under the Arms Act. A case in this regard has been registered at the Hari Nagar police station.

It is learnt that Razzaq was lodged in Jail No.4 of Tihar when he came across his namesake, who was a resident of Bihar. Razzaq allegedly became friends with that person apparently to ferret out personal details as part of the escape plan. When the other “Abdul Razzaq” was granted bail in his case, a jail official went to inform him about his release on bail. However, the Pakistan national stepped forward claiming to be his namesake.

According to sources, Razzaq managed to answer all queries pertaining to his namesake’s personal life during verification. However, he faltered at the last check-point where he was asked to reveal his body identification mark and that did him in.

At Lampur detention centre where he along with the two others was later kept under pending deportation, 17 other Pakistan nationals are also awaiting their turn for deportation. They are Maqsood Alam (30), Amjad Saeed (41), Mohammad Ejaz (42) Munir Ahmed (38), Mohammad Salim (37), Umar Shehzad (16), Iqrar Hussain (22), Mohammad Tahir Saeed (25), Shauqat Ali (52), Mohammad Zamil (32), Mohammad Riaz (30), Kamal (37), Rizwan ul Haq (41), Mumtaz Khan (57), Irshand Ali (40), Mohammad Saeed (52) and Mohammad Ashraf (30).

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