The Delhi Police on Friday arrested the fifth accused, Balwan, in connection with the murder of a businessman and his three employees during a robbery in Vivek Vihar here earlier this week.

The police also claimed to have recovered 51 bangles, 31 necklaces, nine chains, 20 rings, four ear studs, four bracelets, seven nose pins, three earrings, three lockets, three saree pins, three mangalsutras, 10 wrist watches, 83 silver coins and some plastic containers with pearls and precious stones stolen during the robbery.

Mona Duggal (22), the estranged wife of the nephew of deceased Bajrang Lal Bokadia, her maternal uncle Rajeev (25), brother Harjeet (22) and his friend Sanjay (34) were arrested earlier in connection with the murder.

According to the police, Mona did not disclose Balwan’s name initially as she was sympathetic towards him. According to her, Balwan, her maternal uncle, is suffering from TB and the only one to look after his minor son. His wife had already left him and registered a dowry case against him. However, the name of Balwan cropped up during the interrogation of the other accused and he was arrested.

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