The demand for application forms continued to remain high on the on the second day of the 2010 DDA Housing Scheme even as superstition and guess work on how the computerised draw would pick numbers ruled the roost.

Many applicants pleaded with those manning the sales counters at banks to issue them multiple forms from different number series instead of consecutively numbered forms.

While the number of forms downloaded from the DDA website crossed 1,76,000 at 5 p.m. on Friday, the Central Bank of India and State Bank of India counters at Vikas Sadan, the DDA headquarters, recorded sales of nearly 6,000 forms and 2,800 forms respectively.

Applicants waiting in line could be heard discussing how the computerised draw would work and some concluded that if the computer draws a certain number, the chances of a nearby number being generated were minimal. One person noted that in the 2008 Housing Scheme Results he could not find successful consecutive sequence numbers.

Distressed bank personnel could be seen telling applicants that the numbers are generated randomly and that the draw process does not rule out the chances of consecutive numbers from succeeding.

A Central Bank of India employee some applicants asked for forms ending with certain digits. “One person even asked me for a form ending with 786 based on advice from his numerologist! He would not understand how impossible it was for me to find such a number.”

The record number of forms downloaded from the DDA website could also be due to applicants generating multiple application forms to get form numbers from a wider range of numbers unlike at banks where applicants are forced to buy consecutively numbered forms or alternatively, plead with personnel to get a divergent number.

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