While all Delhi roads leading to Pragati Maidan are choked with traffic these days because of the ongoing Auto Expo, mobile phone users inside and outside the massive arena are facing serious connectivity problems as telecom networks are jammed, unable to take the load of increased usage due to influx of thousands of visitors.

Mobile users, particularly exhibitors and media persons, are facing a tough time trying to communicate with colleagues and organisers due to the jammed networks. Mobile towers of all major operators have failed to cope up with the increased use of mobile phones at Pragati Maidan. And this has become a recurring problem at the Capital’s largest exposition centre during major events, particularly the annual international trade fair.

“It is difficult to communicate through our mobiles due to connectivity problems. Most of the time the call does not get through; and when a call is made successfully, nothing is audible due to poor voice quality. Ironically, even the messaging service has virtually collapsed as SMS delivery is delayed by up to an hour. While mobile users are suffering, mobile operators are making money,” rued a corporate communication professional of a leading automobile manufacturer.

Explaining the cause of the problem, a senior executive of a mobile operator said a mobile network or infrastructure in a particular area can take only a limited number of calls, beyond which the problem of connectivity arises.

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