Even though battery-operated rickshaws provide an effective solution to the Capital’s transport problem, the drivers say they are being exploited due to the lack of a concrete policy. At a public rally at Jantar Mantar here on Sunday, a large number of e-rickshaw drivers voiced their concerns and highlighted the “lethargic” attitude of the Sheila Dikshit Government in drafting a policy. They extended their support to the Aam Aadmi Party by joining it in large numbers.

Criticising the Delhi Transport Department for targeting them, the drivers complained that they are often fined heavily, sometimes even Rs.10,000. They said this is taking a toll on their families.

Addressing the gathering, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal said: “We fully support the demands of these operators and will stand by them till the issue is sorted out.” He said the manual rickshaw drivers who want to purchase e-rickshaws should be given government subsidy.

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