Power distribution company BSES is offering consumers an incentive to go green. The company on Monday announced that it will offer free charge facility to owners of REVA – the electric car – at its various locations in Central and East Delhi.

An agreement to this affect has been signed between the manufacturers of REVA and BYPL. According to a BSES official, the initiative is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility and its endeavour to spread the energy conservation drive.

“This is in line with the Delhi Government’s “green” tag for the 2010 Commonwealth Games and commemoration of the National Energy Conservation Day. Under the initiative, BYPL will be offering free charge facility to owners of REVA at various locations,” said a company spokesperson.

The first charge port location was inaugurated at BYPL 66 kV grid store near Hasanpur Depot in Indraprastha Extension on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, BYPL Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Narayanan said: “Energy conservation is very much the need of the hour. Working towards energy conservation is a step in the right direction to combat global warming. I am happy to observe that initiatives such as these, albeit small individually, but big collectively, can alleviate today’s concerns on climate and environment”.

He said over the next few months, similar charging facilities will be set up at easy to access locations in the BYPL-served areas. A similar initiative will also be rolled out in BRPL areas of South and West Delhi. “The location of each of these charge ports are being carefully selected based on the customer data of electric vehicles users,” said a company official.

Expressing hope that the incentive will help bring down vehicular pollution by encouraging people to go for environment friendly cars, Mr. Narayanan said: “Delhi registers the highest number of cars and their per capita usage in India. I sincerely hope that with the increasing popularity of less polluting electric vehicles, it is only a matter of time that the environment conscious Delhiites reduce their carbon footprint and switch to greener modes of transport. This will also help make the ambient quality of air better.”

“BYPL is also looking to offer similar facilities to users of electric two-wheeler in future. It is also looking at encouraging the use of electric vehicles among its work force,” he added.

Over the next few months, the company will set up two ports each week till they reach 200 such ports across the city.

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