Principal of Dyal Singh College (Morning) reiterated that students could fill either the new or the old code

There was commotion at the Delhi University Information Centre at Dyal Singh College over the new subject code for Business Studies given in the Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) form.

The confusion arose as on the OMR sheet certain subjects have been assigned a unique subject code by Delhi University. Subjects like Business Studies and Entrepreneurship that have not been enlisted in the brochure had been assigned code 70, categorised as “other subjects”. However, the college had put up a notice that said code 80 was for Business Studies.

This created panic among the students who had come for submission and those who had already filled the forms. Though they could have used a whitener to erase the code 70 and circle 80, they were not sure if the changes would be processed properly.

“I got my form yesterday and when I came here to submit the form today, I noticed a different code for Business Studies. Now the submission counter is asking me to use the correct code for Business Studies,” said Heena. Airing the same concern were other students from the Commerce background, who feared that their forms might get rejected due to this confusion. “The submission counter has asked me to talk to the principal to sort out the discrepancy,” said Renu, another applicant.

The confusion was caused due to lack of coordination between the application counter and the submission counter. While authorities at the application counter affirmed that the students could use either of the codes, the submission counter staff expressed apprehension over the same and directed the students to contact the principal for any queries related to the same. The absence of a help-desk aggravated the situation.

However, the concern was clarified by the principal of Dyal Singh College (Morning), who reiterated that students could fill either the new or the old code for Business Studies and assured the students that this would not affect their chances of admission.

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