To ensure that local electricians are well equipped to handle complaints related to electric supply at the consumers' end, power distribution company North Delhi Power Limited has decided to train independent electricians in its area of distribution.

According to the company, the residents' welfare associations will be asked to nominate electricians from their respective areas for training at the NDPL training centre in Rohini.

“It is a common practice for the residents to call a local electrician for any electrical wiring, fittings or repair work, which if done by an untrained electrician increases the risk of electrical shocks or electrocution. Some cases of electrical shock and electrocution have been reported recently, mainly attributed to faulty internal wiring and earth leakage. The risk of this happening is more during excessive rain and water-logging. The proposed programme will focus on training the electricians on how to identify and rectify faulty internal wiring and earth leakage at the residence of the consumers and at commercial establishments to minimise the chances of such accidents,” said an NDPL spokesperson.

The electricians selected by the RWAs will undergo a short training programme on the installation of earth leakage circuit breaker as per the statutory norms (Indian Electricity Rules) for consumers having/applying for connection of 5 kW and above.

They will also be trained in common electrical, safety and legal hazards of unauthorised construction and faulty wiring, safety precautions and first aid in case of electrical shock.

The company will also offer these trained electricians an electrical safety manual for their own and the consumers' reference. “The manual will detail the do's and don'ts to avoid electrical mishaps. The list of the trained and certified electricians will also be provided to the RWAs and made available at and at the consumer care centres,” the spokesperson said.

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