A 23-year-old man who was allegedly kidnapped by unidentified persons from Jamia Nagar on September 23 returned home on Friday but the mystery surrounding the entire episode is yet to be unravelled, sources in the police said.

In the three days during which the drama unfolded, the victim’s family received calls demanding an initial ransom of Rs.1 crore, an amount which was negotiated and brought down to Rs.35 lakh. The police, however, have not confirmed whether any amount was actually paid to secure the release of the victim.

On Monday, while on his way to an institute in his car, the man was kidnapped following which his family members received ransom calls and reported the matter to the police who formed several teams to rescue him. The car was found abandoned at Ashram Chowk the following day. The victim is learnt to have told the police that his limbs were tied with a rope and he was blindfolded by the kidnappers. He also purportedly told them that he was drugged and that the kidnappers dumped him at ISBT Sarai Kale Khan from where he hired an auto-rickshaw and returned home.

This leaves other questions such as who kidnapped him, where was he taken to and under what circumstances he was let off and whether he was kidnapped at all.

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