Expressing concern at the traffic congestion caused in the Capital by trucks from outside passing through North-East Delhi, the MP from the area, J.P. Agarwal, has written to Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram. He has urged the Minister to direct the Delhi police to divert these heavy vehicles passing through his constituency via some other area.

The Supreme Court too had banned entry into Delhi of trucks that were not bound for the city and only used its roads to pass by. Mr. Agarwal’s letter indicates that the order continues to be flouted by truck operators who bribe their way into the Capital.

In the letter, sent on Saturday, Mr. Agarwal points to “utter mismanagement of the traffic situation” along Wazirabad Road, which is the lifeline of the area as about 20 lakh people reside on either side of it. He argues taht the passage of thousands of trucks through it every day chokes the entire area.

Pointing out that these trucks were also responsible for the traffic jams seen on the busy Wazirabad bridge that is again a very narrow one, Mr. Agarwal also blamed these trucks — that are usually destined or arriving from Haryana and U.P. — for traffic snarls, air and noise pollution and accidents in the area.

“The roads have also been damaged due to the movement of these trucks.”

Mr. Agarwal regrets that no efforts have been made in the past to address this “serious problem”. Instead, he says, the problem has only been compounded over the years due to the manifold increase in heavy vehicular traffic, particularly the loaded trucks that come in from G.T. Karnal Road and are headed towards Ghaziabad.

He has also suggested a slew of measures for improving the traffic scenario in the area. “A blueprint for better traffic management including alternative routes for heavy vehicles should be drawn immediately. In the meantime, vehicles using this road as a by-pass should be diverted to peripheral roads or other routes,” he suggests, adding that he would be compelled to launch an agitation if nothing is done about the problem.

Mr. Agarwal had some time ago suggested at least four new bridges across the Yamuna in North-East Delhi for providing better connectivity to the area. He had criticised the plan to construct the Signature Bridge over the Yamuna saying half a dozen bridges can be constructed for the same cost.

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