It has been steadily moving northwards

There is some good news for the people of Delhi and its neighbourhood on the monsoon front — Director-General of India Meteorological Department L.S. Rathore has said the system could reach the capital as early as June 18, 11full days before it usually does.

“The monsoon is progressing rapidly and is likely to arrive over Delhi and its neighbourhood a week in advance, plus or minus four days. It is likely to be more in the range of minus four days than plus four days or between June 18 and 22.”

The earliest onset of monsoon over Delhi was in 2008, when the system arrived on June 15.

Mr. Rathore told The Hindu there were indications that this month rains could be in excess for the country as a whole. “Presently, it is 12 per cent above normal and this trend is likely to continue.”

The monsoon, which hit Kerala, its entry point into the country’s mainland, in time on June 1 has been steadily moving northwards and has already covered almost 50 per cent of the country’s total geographical area.

The northern limit of the system passed through Ahmedabad, Satna, Ranchi, Berhampur, Jalpaiguri and Gangtok on Tuesday.

Though June rainfall accounts for only about 18 per cent of the total rains in the four month summer monsoon season, they are important as they set the tone for the sowing of kharif crops.

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