Here’s another reason why the Capital’s citizens need to behave while using the metro railway.

According to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, over 13 hours of operational time was lost during the past three months because of Passenger Emergency Alarm (PEA) misuse.

Every time the PEA button is pressed by a commuter, the train service gets delayed from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. “During the past three months, passengers operated the PEA button 260 times delaying trains services from 2 minutes to 5 minutes every time this button was hit,” said a spokesperson.

As a result of misuse of the PEA system, DMRC had to cancel 200 train trips, which in turn affected 3 lakh passengers as each train trip can carry up to 1,500 passengers. “Every misuse of the PEA caused bunching on the line as the trains behind are also held up till the effected PEA system is reset,” the spokesperson said.

Although it is punishable to misuse the alarm system, commuters in the city have shown little consideration for the law and inconvenience they causes to other commuters.

“Any passenger found misusing the PEA can be prosecuted under the DMRC Operations and Maintenance Act, 2002,” the spokesperson added.

The DMRC has been issuing periodic requests to commuters to behave while using the metro system. Volunteers have joined the DMRC staff to help maintain discipline and for crowd management.

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