Painted storks, shovellers and wild ducks arrive at Delhi Zoo

Though they have arrived early this year, the hosts claim they are well-prepared to welcome these seasonal guests.

Migratory birds including painted storks, shovellers and wild ducks have already started arriving at Delhi Zoo from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Delhi Zoo veterinarian Paneer Selvam says: “This year the migratory birds, which come to the zoo from Central India and neighbouring States by mid-September, made an exception and started arriving by August-end. Interestingly, some of the painted storks have started nesting and breeding because of the wholesome environment the zoo offers. Delhi’s favourable weather, rainfall and the abundance of food seem to have encouraged the early migration of these birds.”

“These birds are a welcome addition to the zoo as it provides a great opportunity for bird lovers/watchers and students to get a glimpse into the lives of these beautiful creatures. The birds can be viewed in their near-natural environment at the zoo where they will live and breed till early next year,” he adds.

Every year Delhi gets to see migratory birds who arrive at various places that have adequate greens, water and food. Dr. Selvam says: “Delhi Zoo is among the favourite haunts of migratory birds, and this year too we have taken special care to provide clean and adequate food to them. We are already providing 15 to 20 kg of small fish to these birds everyday. The zoo has also put up observation towers at select locations, which over the years have proved to be a popular hangout for bird-watchers to observe these creatures without disturbing them. Students are encouraged to identify the birds and study them from close quarters. Here they get an opportunity to see the birds as they dive to find food, protect their young ones and fight to protect their territory. It is an interesting and educational experience to see these birds in their near-natural setting. Students also learn to respect the important role these birds play in maintaining earth’s delicate natural balance.”

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