The Union Home Ministry has written to the Delhi Police to provide a security cover to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who has hitherto refused to take any despite repeated requests.

“We have received a letter from the Home Ministry directing us to extend security cover to the Delhi Chief Minister. We have been making attempts to persuade Mr. Kejriwal, but he has turned down proposals for any security for himself. However, in view of the Home Ministry directive, we have forwarded the letter to the Delhi Government for consideration,” said an officer with the Security Wing of the Delhi Police.

While the Delhi Police are yet to receive a reply from the State Government on the issue, police officers said minimum possible measures were being taken to ensure that security is provided to the Chief Minister wherever he goes. When we came to know that he is visiting the Parade Ground in North Delhi, we rushed a team there for crowd management,” said another officer.

Ever since Mr. Kejriwal took over as the Chief Minister, the Delhi Police themselves have written to him on several occasions making a similar request, citing that Z-category security cover is given to a Chief Minister as per the set protocol, and also keeping in mind the potential threats a public figure like Mr. Kejriwal could face.

And although Mr. Kejriwal and his ministerial colleagues have been firm on their line on personal security, they have agreed for police assistance in crowd management.

“The incident at the first ‘Janata Durbar’ on Saturday where the Chief Minister was almost mobbed by the crowd is a glaring example of how things may turn awry and, by his own admission, Mr. Kejriwal had to virtually run for his life. This despite the fact that over 500 security personnel were deployed in the area. Therefore, a minimum security cover is necessary for the Chief Minister,” said the officer. In neighbouring Ghaziabad, the police have decided to provide security to Mr. Kejriwal notwithstanding his disapproval.

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