For election day on Wednesday, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will start its services as early as 4 a.m.

The arrangement has been made especially for the polling officials so that they are able to reach polling stations before time and set up the equipment before the voters start pouring in, said a DMRC spokesperson.

There are, however, no special trains planned for voters. “Wednesday is a holiday, so we are expecting less crowd anyway. So we have not planned any new services for voters. But we do have two to three standby trains on every line in case the crowd thickens,” he added.

There is no special arrangement for the differently-abled persons but regular helpers/carriers will be available on all metro stations for wheelchair users. “We also have a helpline number 155370 in place for the purpose. In case anybody needs a wheelchair or any assistance, he can call, but at least half an hour in advance as the call goes to the station concerned for help to be despatched. It takes time,” the representative said.

The Delhi Transport Corporation buses will also start mapping the road from 3 a.m. for polling officials and an additional 35 buses will run especially from outer Mudrika/Ring Road. Buses with numbers 717, 511, 347, 473 are arranged for voters.

For the differently-abled, there are regular services in place such as low-floor buses. “We also have helpers for those who need them,” added Minhas.

Mr. Aslam Khan, a polling official from East Delhi, said: “Most polling officials have been asked to reach the polling stations on Tuesday night so that they can reach there safely with the electronic voting machine, set it up and get it repaired/replaced in case it shows any fault. Their election duty starts from Tuesday night and therefore I find it absurd that so many new buses and special metro trains have been dedicated for them at odd hours.”

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