With the city in the grip of a heat wave, the Delhi Metro is equipping its new trains with improved air-conditioning system that can maintain 25 degree Celsius temperature inside the cars even when the mercury goes over 48 degree-mark outside.

“In view of the high temperatures in Delhi, the Metro AC units have been designed to function even upto an outside ambient temperature level ranging from 48 degree C to 58 degree C for long durations,” a DMRC spokesman said.

Besides, the air conditioning system at the underground Metro stations will maintain a 27 degree C ambient temperature, the official said.

The mercury has been shooting up since last week and on May 13 it touched 44.4 degree Celsius, breaking a four-year record in the month of May. The next two days saw the maximum settling at 43.2 C and 43.3 C respectively.

The Delhi Metro Rail system, which currently covers around 110 kms, has seen its ridership further rise since the start of the heat wave as more passengers are relying on the new age transport system which is fully air-conditioned.

On April 22, when the temperature was well above the 40-degree mark, a record 10.90 lakh people travelled by the Delhi Metro, which is now adding a train every 15 days to its fleet of over 100 trains.

“The new trains being supplied by M/s Bombardier and M/s MRM Consortium have two roof mounted package AC units of a capacity of 52 kilo watts (14.8 tonnes approx.) each. Ducting is being done in such a manner that uniform temperature is maintained inside each rake including the vestibule and gangway interconnecting two coaches,” the official said.

The AC units are computer-controlled and in case of any defect or malfunctioning in any one unit, it will be possible for other AC unit to provide backup flow of cold air for the comfort of Metro passengers.

The Metro train operators will be able to maintain the temperature levels in the coach and can adjust the temperature depending upon requirement. The AC units are equipped with self-diagnostic software to detect any fault in the system.

As a precaution, the AC units of each Metro train are checked on a daily basis before the trains leave the maintenance depot.


No respite from heat wave for DelhiitesMay 19, 2010

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