M.Com students of Delhi University enrolled in South Campus colleges may now have to attend classes at North Campus while attending their tutorial classes at the colleges in which they are enrolled.

A notification from the DU Registrar dated July 1 states that the teaching of M.Com will be integrated at the Department of Commerce in North Campus with effect from the upcoming academic session.

As a result, M.Com will not be taught at the South Campus teaching unit of the Commerce Department and staff members posted at the South Campus teaching unit stand merged with the Commerce Department in North Campus.

The Academics for Action and Development, a group of teachers in the university, said in a press conference here on Wednesday that the notification is illegal.

Delhi University Academic Council member and AAD member, J. Khuntia said: “This poses a real problem for students enrolled in south campus colleges. They will have to commute all the way to north campus to attend their classes.”

“The Faculty of Commerce building in the North Campus is holding classes for the Masters of International Business and Master of Human Resource Development programmes. Where is the space to hold classes for an additional 254 students of north campus and 123 from South Campus?” he added.

According to the AAD, the DU Registrar's notification is illegal as it violates the rules mentioned in the prospectus for M.Com admission according to which 123 seats have been assigned to the south campus.

It is allegedly also in violation of the University of Delhi Act 31(I) (iii) and is supposedly illegal since the merger has taken place without a legitimate ordinance adopted by the Academic Council.

According to Mr. Khuntia, the Academic Council had also in a resolution in 1993 decided not to discontinue M. Com in the south campus under any circumstances. This was subsequently endorsed by the DU Executive Council.

“This is another instance of lawlessness prevailing in the university administration,” the AAD said in a statement alleging that DU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Deepak Pental had completely disregarded the Acts, Statutes and Ordinances of DU.

Member of EC and Faculty of Commerce Dr. Shiba C. Panda has demanded an impartial enquiry into the matter.