‘Pay early to avoid paying interest'

Property owners who could not avail of the opportunity of 15 per cent rebate on the payment of their property tax to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi by June 30 can now pay their property tax as early as possible to avoid paying additional amount as interest. The Assessment and Collection (A&C) Department of the civic agency also clarified that interest on property tax would be charged on actual period of delay and not on the property tax due for the whole year.

According to the A & C Department, besides lump-sum payment property tax can also be deposited till the last day on a quarterly basis four times in a year.

The last dates for depositing taxes on quarterly basis are June 30, September 30, December 31 and March 31. If the property tax is not paid on time, then the interest of one per cent per month would be charged.

An MCD official said: “Therefore, it is clarified that interest would be charged only for the actual period of delay for the late payment of property tax on a quarterly basis and not on the due amount for the whole year. If property taxpayers want to seek any further clarification in this regard, they are advised to contact property tax offices in their respective zones.”

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