Two students from Manipur were beaten up allegedly by their neighbours at Kotla Mubarakpur in South Delhi around midnight on Saturday. Three suspects have been arrested.

“One of them was sleeping on the terrace as there was a power-cut in the area, while the other was in his room when some young men attacked him. Hearing his screams, his friend rushed down from the terrace. The assailants beat him up and abducted him. I received a call about the incident around 1 a.m.,” alleged Tema, an acquaintance of the victims.

The assailants dumped the abducted student near Kotla flyover. The matter was reported to the police and the victims, identified as Yurnvam Zimik and Wung Sung Mi, were taken to hospital for medical examination. They are second year students at Dyal Singh College

Based on their statements, the police registered a case and initiated investigations. Enquiries revealed that the attack was the fallout of an altercation between one of the victims and another tenant over some minor issue.

Mr. Tema alleged that some students from the North-East had a verbal spat with the other tenants a couple of days ago after they passed some racist remarks. He alleged the victims’ landlord was pressurising them to withdraw the case and reach a compromise with the accused. According to the police, they have arrested three of the accused and are trying to identify others.

North-East Support Centre and Helpline founder member Alana Golmei said: “There is a general feeling of insecurity among the students from the North-East following rumours of violence targeting them. My niece who studies in a Delhi University college and her friends stayed away from college last week, but I have encouraged them to attended classes. Another niece said she was scared of travelling in the metro today [on Monday] as she did not see even a single co-passenger from North-East. It was probably because today [Monday] was a holiday.”

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