A 27-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly duping a real estate agent and his lawyer friend of Rs.75 lakh in connivance with his two accomplices by luring them with a prospect of making quick money. The police claim to have recovered Rs.43 lakh from the accused.

Lawyer Surat Singh, a resident of Palwal in Haryana, casually told his friend Gajender, a real estate agent, a couple of months ago that there was an opportunity to make some quick money by making an investment of Rs.1 crore. When Gajender showed interest in the proposal, the lawyer told him that one of his acquaintances Devender Chauhan, a resident of Paharganj, was a caretaker of a piece of land in Malviya Nagar worth over Rs.20 crore and was in need of Rs.7 crore to build a house on it. The lawyer further told Gajender that loan agents were seeking Rs.2 crore from Devender to get the loan sanctioned, but Devender had only Rs.1 crore and was looking for someone who could contribute the remaining amount. Devender, according to the lawyer, would pay Rs.3 crore to the contributor after the loan was sanctioned.

Commission reduced

Lured by the proposal, Gajender met Devender and loan agents -- Sarfaraz and Maulana Aslam -- along with his lawyer friend at Living Style Mall in Jasola in the first week of February and the commission for the loan was reduced to Rs.1.5 crore. It was then decided that Devender would pay Rs.75 lakh and Gajender and Surat would contribute Rs.50 lakh and Rs.25 lakh each.

Gajender sold his land to arrange for the money.

On March 3, Gajender and Surat paid Rs.75 lakh to Sarfaraz and Maulana after they were told that a loan of Rs.2 crore was sanctioned by India Bulls Housing Finance Limited. Devender assured the duo that they would be paid Rs.3 crore once he got the loan amount.

When the two did not get the promised amount for several days, Gajender made inquiries at India Bulls Housing Finance Limited and found that no one had applied for the said loan. When Gajender came across Aslam outside the Living Style Mall a few days later, Aslam promised to return the money. But it proved to be a false promise.

Gajender than made a complaint to the police and Sarfaraz was arrested. Sarfaraz purportedly told the police that he had kept Rs.55 lakh with him and paid Rs.10 lakh each to Aslam and Devender. The police claim to have recovered Rs.43 lakh from Sarfaraz, a resident of Bihar.

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