Lady Shri Ram College for Women has a snazzy new academic block, with air-conditioned conference rooms, soon-to-be-installed lifts, an amphitheatre, walls lined with art-works donated by generous alumni and a great view of the gardens and lawns. After months of closed-door constructions, the buildings were opened on Thursday by the Dalai Lama who cautioned students about the frailty of happiness that is dependent on material things.

After an hour or so of speech on “Success, Ethics and Happiness”, where students asked him several questions from dealing with failure to whether all desire for material things were bad, the new block as well as the “Aung San Su Kyi Center for Peace”, which is an extension to the library, were declared open.

The desks still had the plastic wrappings on them intact. “This will be opened to the students in the coming semester which will begin around July. The building has a section allotted to the Journalism Department which has special technical facilities like sound rooms and studios. This block also has two common rooms; one for faculty and one for students. The key feature of the building is a huge amphitheatre with a capacity of 400. The building is disabled-friendly with facilities of four elevators to be placed within the coming few months,” said LSR spokesperson Kanika Ahuja.

One building has a facility for a new infirmary with a capacity of four beds and a nurse’s cabin. It is an environment-friendly building with underground water tanks, rainwater harvesting facilities, a green area, and pollution-free compliant.

While the block is three-floor high at the moment, the college has already obtained permissions for building up to seven floors.

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