Cold December turned colder on Tuesday with hail and light rain accompanied by a strong breeze bringing the temperature down by nine degrees to rest at a maximum of 18. 7 degrees Celsius. The bright blue sky of the past few days was no more, and was replaced instead by grey skies interspersed with black ominous clouds.

A faint drizzle was felt all day long, although some areas reported proper rain and hail. “By 5-30 p.m., the city received around 2 mm of rain,” said the India Metrological Department duty officer, adding that the city might experience more rain in the night. “Light rain or thundery development might be experienced in some areas,” he added.

Several people took to walking in the city, in between the consistent drizzle and enjoyed the beautiful city that looked as if it had been washed.

The minimum temperature, however, was 11.5 degrees Celsius, three degrees above normal. The weatherman said the sun would most probably make a weak appearance on Wednesday with temperatures oscillating between a maximum of 24 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 10 degrees. The rest of the week is also expected to oscillate between maximum temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 11 degrees Celsius.

The clouds, however, are here to stay for a while.

“It will be cloudy all week and the sky will remain grey, it may turn sunny towards the weekend,” added the IMD duty officer.


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