A number of teachers from Delhi-based Central Universities under the banner of the Federation of Central Universities Teachers’ Associations held a demonstration outside the University Grants Commission here on Thursday against the UGC’s “negative attitude in framing regulations on service conditions of university and college teachers”.

“If adopted, the career advancement scheme (CAS) for teachers as proposed by the UGC committee would force teachers to pay more attention to other activities rather than concentrate on quality in teaching, which is the primary responsibility of any teacher. The promotion modalities have been so devised that it would deflect teachers’ attention from their primary responsibility,” said FEDCUTA president Aditya Narayan Misra.

“Moreover, the UGC committee has given weightage to activities such as campus development, institutional governance and consultancy projects, which are not under the control of teachers and solely depend upon the administrator’s discretion. Such an approach would lead to sycophancy in universities and colleges,” he stated.

FEDCUTA has demanded that as in the previous pay revisions, ad-hoc and temporary service must be counted as part of the service for CAS. “We also want a review of the proposed UGC regulations in consultation with the teaching community,” said Mr. Misra.

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