As the curtain comes down panicky students, anxious parents throng the venue

Monday being the last day of submission of admission forms to courses in Delhi University, there was a crowd of panicky students and anxious parents lining up to buy or submit their application forms on time. Among the jostling crowd, there were those who had applied already but did not trust the internet, there were the out-of-town students whose Class XII results had only just come and there were even those who did not know that it was the last day of admissions and later realised that they were lucky enough to be there.

“I am from Bihar and our Class XII marks came late. In fact, we are not sure of our marks even now since we have not received our mark sheets. We are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to competing with CBSE and Delhi students but we are taking our chances. We knew it was the last day and we would not have been able to apply if our results had not come,” said Ruchi Maurya, who was waiting in line to submit her completed application form at 11.30 a.m.

There were some who had already applied online but wanted to make sure that the university got the application form physically. “My son has already applied online, but I wanted to make sure that the university got the application physically because I read somewhere that the website does not work properly at times. Also, he has scored around 88 per cent and he earlier said that he does not stand a chance and that it is better not to apply. Therefore, although he told me he applied online, I just wanted to make sure he applied correctly,” said Mrs. Manjeet Gogi, who was standing by herself in the serpentine queues in Khalsa College.

There were many out-of-town students who said they did not stand a chance with their low cut-offs but had suddenly decided to apply at the last minute. “This year we all know that the colleges will have extra high cut-offs. I have told my nieces and nephews that they do not stand a chance but to apply anyway,” said Yogesh, who had come along with his nephew from U.P.

“My percentage is not exceeding 70 per cent and every time I ask a volunteer for information on which course would accept such a percentage, they usually tell me that in DU, only the correspondence courses are possible. In my school, the toppers get about 80 per cent, I got about 75 but feel really stupid now even though I know it is not my fault,” said Minni Maurya, who was also from Bihar.

There were some, however, who were absolutely clueless. “We did not get any information about the admission dates and we just happened to come today. We will submit the forms now that we know it is the last day,” said Atul Yadav, also from Bihar, who stood in a queue at Khalsa College.

“I did not even know the admissions had begun and just came to find out about them. If it is the last day, then I will of course finish applying and leave only then,” said Shorab Yadav from U.P.

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