Despite severe warnings from Delhi University, the staff association of Kirori Mal College met on Friday, chalking out a new course of action in support of their suspended principal Dr. Bhim Sen Singh. It will include dharnas and roping in support from the staff associations of other colleges and the Delhi University Teachers’ Association.

“We have chalked out a new plan which will begin on Monday. Since the university said none of us can take casual leave we have asked teachers to take classes and then sit on dharna from 12 noon till 2 p.m. However, before that we will be making a representation to the DUTA on Saturday in their executive meeting and will be asking for their help. We are also planning to write to all the other college staff associations for their support,” said KMC staff association secretary Rudrashish Chakraborty.

One day earlier the newly-appointed principal had, on directions of the university issued show-cause notices to Professor Chakraborty and the staff association president Sudipto Ghosh. “We have replied to the notices, victimising a staff association for showing their dissent is dangerous. The university is attacking the very essence of teacher’s unity and will use draconian measures to curb ant democratic dissent. This is why we are appealing to other staff associations; anyone might be targeted next time,” added Professor Chakraborty.

The university had also termed the association’s plans of going on mass casual leave an illegal strike and had ordered the principal to refuse any leave applications for two days. “The students’ union was striking today and there were hardly any students present, although we did try to take classes, at least to talk and get to know how the students felt about the whole matter,” added Professor Chakraborty.

The university on Wednesday suspended Dr. Bhim Sen Singh for publically levelling charges of corruption against the newly-appointed governing body chairman and insinuating that the registrar was of unsound mind.

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