Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday expressed ‘sadness’ over the accusations of financial misappropriation made by his “guru” Anna Hazare.

“I have earned only honesty in my life and when my ‘guru’ questions me, I feel sad. If there is any misappropriation, I will not fight the polls,” said Mr. Kejriwal during the release of party manifesto.

Mr. Kejriwal has written another letter to Anna clarifying his stand on the questions raised by the latter. Stating that these issues had already been addressed extensively in the past and that he was then satisfied with the answers, Mr. Kejriwal – in his letter to Anna – raised suspicion that the people spreading “false and baseless accusations” had some axe to grind. “Nevertheless, you should note that at the end of the letter you write – ‘I believe that these statements will not be truthful’. You continue to trust me, I am happy about that,” his letter said.

He also denied that the AAP was misusing Anna’s name during the Delhi Assembly poll campaign. He alleged that there was a conspiracy to mislead Mr. Hazare against him and the AAP. He also raised suspicion that he and other party leaders would be targeted and subjected to more allegations in the coming days.

“Anna told the media that some people showed him posters bearing his photograph, claiming that they were being used by the AAP. We informed him that the posters were fake. It shows that some people are out to mislead Anna and they got fake posters printed,” Mr. Kejriwal said.

Asked if he would talk to Mr. Hazare to resolve the differences, Mr. Kejriwal claimed he was not being allowed to do so. “How do I talk to Anna? I tried several times, but his personal assistant is not answering the calls,” he alleged.

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