"If unable to provide security, should he continue?"

Expressing surprise over the stand of the Delhi Police over providing security at a special Assembly session proposed by the Delhi Government, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal asked Lieutenant-Governor Najeeb Jung on Monday whether the Police Commissioner should continue in his post if he considers himself incompetent in doing so.

Mr. Kejriwal also requested the L-G to deploy paramilitary forces at the special session if the Delhi Police fail to provide security.

Replying to the letter of the Lieutenant-Governor in which the State government was requested to reconsider its decision of holding a special Assembly session in an open ground on February 16, Mr. Kejriwal said: “It is surprising to note that the police are expressing their inability to provide protection to the Ministers and MLAs in such a scenario. If the police cannot provide security in one stadium how can it be expected to keep the entire city safe? It is the prime duty of the police to ensure the safety of the people and if the Police Commissioner considers himself incompetent in doing so, should he continue to be on his post?”

In his letter Mr. Kejriwal argued that “the issues concerning the people must be debated in front of them”, and requested the L-G “to help him take democracy beyond the closed walls”.

“It is the decision of the Delhi Cabinet to hold a special Session of the Assembly in the open on February 16. In case the Delhi Police find itself incompetent to provide security for it, then adequate paramilitary forces and other forces should be sought from the Central government for this,” the letter said.

Earlier, Mr. Jung advised the Delhi Government to reconsider its decision to hold a special session of the Delhi Assembly outside the Vidhan Sabha as “it was imperative to take the views of the Delhi Police for maintenance of law and order”.

“The Delhi Police are clear that it would not be possible to identify and segregate people coming to the venue who may have intention to disturb the Assembly. The inability to handle large crowds had become evident in the Janta Darbar and it would indeed be more difficult to control crowds within the vicinity of the Assembly,” Mr. Jung said in a statement.

“Therefore, in view of the law and order position and keeping in view the sanctity of the Assembly proceedings, Mr. Kejriwal should reconsider the decision,” the statement said.

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